The Rules

  • Contestants under the age of 18 will only be included after parental permission.
  • All contestants must have a Greek parent.
  • When entering & completing the registration form for this competition, all contestants will allow us permission to use their information (e.g. photos, biography etc) in magazines, newspapers, T.V., multi-media CDs, flyers, posters & any other media for advertising reasons.
  • Any contestants will be obliged to advertise our sponsors whilst the events are taking place or when in an interview of some kind & asked about the competition.
  • All contestants who progress, or not, will be contacted via email or phone.
  • Anything that is sent to us (video clips, photos etc.) must be paid by sender’s expenses & will not be returned.
  • All competitors will receive written advice from our judges however their reviews will not affect the voting system.
  • All contestants in the first round MUST sing a song of their choice in Greek, English or both languages.
  • Once through to the semi-finals, our judges will contact the contestants & chose the songs he/she recommends you sing.
  • Once through to the second round, all contestants will be obliged to sign a record contract to participate in the release of the first project.
  • The final 12 contestants must sign a contract with our recording company for 1 year which will include the participation of a double CD including video clips.
  • The final 12 contestants will participate in live performances around Australia which will include accommodation, travel expenses & a wage.
  • The final 2 contestants must sign a contract for 3 years with our recording company which will include a personal CD single & video clip.
  • All contestants should clearly understand that the purpose of this competition is to give them the opportunity to display their talent online & get the up most experience & feedback from our judges who have been in the industry for many years.

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